Hey – I’m Jess! The Sales Coach for coaches who want to create simple sales funnels that are fun, authentic, and convert prospective customers into happy, paying clients!

“I would not have achieved the things I have in the last few months if it wasn’t for you Jess!

In the last two weeks I have –

  • Signed 5 new clients to a clarity creator mini package I put together off the back of a Facebook Live session I did in my group
  • Signed two new clients to my full 121 coaching programme.
  • Booked in two podcast interviews that I will be featuring in
  • Been featured in HuffPost for my first ever article
  • Submitted an article to Raspberry magazine
  • And this morning I applied to be a TED x speaker at the next event in Brighton!

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but I felt compelled to share these wins, as it is having a coach that has not only enabled me to learn the best way to attract clients and build my business but to give me the confidence to do a little more of the things that scare me.”

Helen Packham

Business Coach, HelenPackham.com

Female Entrepreneur Looking To Increase Sales In Your Online, Service Based Business?

You’re in the right place…

I’m Jessica Lorimer. Ex-Corporate Clone, turned Sales Coach for online service based business owners. I help women like you to create simple sales funnels that convert prospective buyers into happy, paying clients with ease.

So if you feel like:

  • You have an amazing programme, product or service… but you struggle to get consistent buyers.
  • You’d like to stop posting in all the Facebook groups, all the time – but you’re not sure how to generate a steady stream of clients without it.
  • You’re in feast or famine mode when it comes to making money in your business; sometimes it’s easy… and sometimes it’s just crickets.
  • You want to build the business that you want, around a life you love – but you can’t figure out how to get enough clients to make it work.
  • You feel like you’re always chasing clients… but you’d like it to be easier – you’d like people to approach you and tell you that they want to buy from you RIGHT NOW.
  • You’re tired of spending your entire day on social media and want to develop a proven process that attracts premium clients on demand – whether you’re at your laptop or at the beach.

If any of that sounds like you – then we need to chat! Because over the last few years in business, I’ve helped women just like you;

  • Create and sell out their first group programme – in less than a month.
  • Go from 16 hour days on a laptop and $6K months – to making $32.5K in just under three weeks.
  • Get featured in industry publications as an expert; Huffington Post, Thrive, YFS, EverCoach, SUCCESS Magazine, Elephant Journal and more.
  • Have their first five figure month.
  • Create sales funnels that allow them to generate automated income whilst they travel the world.

And these are women JUST LIKE YOU. They are wives. They are mothers. They are leaving their full time jobs. They are creating businesses that change the lives of others – as well as their own.

Are you ready to take your first step on the journey?

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